5 Tips for Influencing Customers with Fragrance

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Despite all the marketing efforts you did, is your retail shop still struggling to have customers? Do you only get a few sales here and there, even if it’s the weekend? Are you thinking of new ways to attract customers? One solution you might want to consider is getting help from a fragrance company in Singapore. This might sound new to you but this solution works for many businesses.

Why makes ambient scenting solutions stand out.

As you may have already know, retailers, brands, and marketers have long been using music to enhance the auditory ambiance of their store. The sound in their retail shop is important in keeping the customers in their stores. But one solution that not many are using is ambient scenting. By diffusing pleasant aroma in you stores, you can also keep your customers in your stores. It can also make them want to return to your shop for more great shopping experiences.

If you want to start using ambient scenting, here are top 5 tips you can influence customer using it:

Stick to simple scents –Washington State University conducted a research wherein customers reacted to aromas in tests that involve over 400 shoppers. In one of their tests, a group of customers received a sample of pure orange scent, while another group of shoppers a complex blend of basil, orange, as well as green tea. At the end of the test, those people who were exposed simple orange scent were able to spend 20% as compared to customers who were given basil, orange, and green tea. This is because the simple scent served as a background and did not distract the shoppers from buying anything. They became more focus on the shopping task than the smell of the retail store.


Match the scents with your marketing strategy – if you are hiring a fragrance company, might as well ensure that the scent you will use in your store will match your marketing strategy. For you to be noticed in a crowded marketplace, you want the scent that will not simply blend in. Plus, according to Sense of Smell Institute, customers are more likely to remember the smell in your store than any other visual or audio marketing strategy you present them.

Use the signature scent to reinforce company branding –  as mentioned, customers will remember scents better than photos. Therefore, considering your scenting strategy to work as a scent advertisement that will help improve your customers’ impulse purchases. These scents will help the customers to subconsciously follow what their sense of smell tells them. The pleasant aroma will attract shoppers to a certain area of the store.

The fragrances should keep customers in the store – the aroma should not only attract customers but should keep them in the store. This will give them more time to consider buying more of your products or availing your services.

Keep everything simple – overdoing it could turn off your customers instead of impressing them. Plus strong scents do not appeal to everyone so there are bigger chances that customers will not appreciate it.

How to use scent marketing strategy?

Scent marketing strategy does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Start up businesses can just use simple scenting solutions such as diffusing essential oils or using scented candles. With a little bit of research, you will know what aromas will make your customers want to stay more in your retail store. But if you want to create a custom scent that will help you ensure in luring customers in and giving them an awesome shopping experience, then hiring a fragrance company in Singapore will be an excellent option.

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