How to get the Peaky Blinders look

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Peaky Blinders is this year’s surprise smash hit TV series and if you want to dress like Thomas Shelby’s Birmingham gang you may need to step back in time a bit and raid your granddad or grandma’s wardrobe! With fab fashions from 1919 onwards becoming all the rage, dressing up has never been this much fun.

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To get the real Peaky Blinders look gentleman need to invest in:

A sharp suit

The staple of any Peaky Blinder, the sharp suit is a necessity. Looking like Tommy is entirely possible if you’ve got a three piece suit that’s been flawlessly tailored. Tweed is an option here too, but any well-cut wool suit will do the job.

A waistcoat

A good quality waistcoat won’t ever go out of fashion and it’s the essential item if you want to emulate this look.

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A smart shirt

Don’t let your shirt let you down. Mens designer shirts like those available at are a great option, and remember to stick to crisp white to really get the look down.

An oversized coat

A classic style oversized coat is the ideal add-on and makes your Peaky Blinders outfit all the more original.

Newsboy cap

Topping off your outfit must be an eight-panel newsboy hat. This key item completes the look, and keeps your head warm too.

Leather boots

In order to retain authenticity from top to toe, you’ll need to don leather boots that lace up.


A pocket watch is a requirement, as is a real gentleman’s umbrella, and once you’ve got these you are ready to hit the streets.

Women looking to dress Peaky Blinders-style must invest in:

A fur coat

The bigger and bolder, the better. A large fur coat that sweeps as you walk is Peaky Blinders perfection.

Elegant evening dress

Long dresses with full sleeves or any other similar attire is required, and elegance is the order of the day.

Cloche hat

A staple for any self-respecting woman of the time, a cloche hat in a flattering colour was the ultimate must-have. These felt hats should be worn low and create a demure silhouette.


Austerity measures may have been in place, but Peaky Blinders gals know how to dazzle. A sparkly brooch or earrings add the perfect final touch to any outfit.