Unique Engagement Rings for You to Consider

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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of your life. You’ve been together for a while and now you’re ready to pop the question. First you need to decide on what engagement ring you would like to give your sweetheart.

Do you go the traditional route or do you step outside of the box? Consider your relationship and let that help to guide what diamond you will choose. If you’re looking for a unique ring for your special someone, here are a few top sellers that are sure to please.

A Different Stone

In recent trends, couples are choosing engagement rings that are some other type of stone that diamonds. They are choosing rings such as sapphires, emeralds, even opals and pearls to spice up the engagement process. Some even choose a combination of stones or something such as rubies and diamonds together to make a unique statement in their ring. Consider what your significant-other-to-be loves and what they’ve said about their future ring. These stones are beautiful and can make a wonderful choice when you’re ready to propose.

Chocolate Diamonds

There’s also been a trend towards still buying a diamond but not going with the traditional clear diamond route. These chocolate diamonds are gorgeous and offer a beautiful ring with a slight tint of color. Investing some time into your diamond education can help you to know what chocolate diamond to look for and where the best selection would be.

Unique Style

While traditionally the princess cut with a solitaire is the most popular choice, the latest trends have geared towards styles completely different from those. The styles offered now include a stacked ring, pear shaped ring with small diamonds all around, emerald cut, and even custom designed rings that are unlike any other you’ve seen before. The style is limited only to your imagination. When it comes to buying a ring, consider what style fits your sweetheart best and what you think they might enjoy the most.

Band Style and Type

No longer are you tied to just one band type such as gold or silver. There are many types to choose from now and it all depends on the style of ring you’re considering. When you go to buy a diamond engagement ring, you can choose from rose gold, white gold, platinum, and gold itself. It all depends on your choice of stone, cut, and type of metal you wish to use. You can even choose a band that offers a double band look, one that doesn’t connect all the way around as is part of the design, or a traditional wide or narrow band.

When it comes to buying your engagement ring, you want to make sure that it is something that fits your loved one for years to come. When you announce your engagement, people are going to want to see your new bride-to-be’s ring. Make sure you choose a ring that represents your unique relationship as there is no other like it.