When Trusting Your Basic Instinct Pays Off

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Furniture selection is not something I think about when I shop at Macy’s but recently I saw some really nice pieces in the home of a friend and assumed she had purchased them from the store in our city that bombards you with commercials for their goods on an hourly basis.  I was really surprised to learn that was not the case, and she had not shopped there at all.  Looking at them again, I did notice that they were better constructed than the stuff the other store sold.  And I loved the way she had styled the room.  She said she had purchased everything in the room online, from Macy’s, and had saved by using a Groupon to make her purchases.  In some cases she saved as much as 40% off.

Her main goal was to do a customized paint job on the room which she did.  It looked fabulous.  And she had the rough, popcorn ceiling finish removed and replaced with a smooth finish that allowed her to put a treatment on the ceiling that brought out the colors of the furnishings in the room.  All together it was a stunning effect.  Then she surprised me even more by telling me she had saved time and money by challenging herself to do everything without ever stepping foot inside the store.  She said she just trusted her instincts and went with what made her feel happy.  It was her new year’s resolution to try new things and take advantage of technology more often.  “ I have to be more trusting,” she said.  “This was my first test.”

Well, she really went out on a limb by simply using available technology to make a room make over.  I don’t know if I could have the guts to do what she did.  I’d spend hours fussing over color choices, fabrics swatches and furniture finishes.  She did most of her shopping in one day, had it delivered and assembled when required, and is now on to her next project.

I’m going to try to be as brave as she was and own my results.  One thing is for sure, I’m going to start with Groupon and search out all the items I need to upgrade my bedroom.  I’ll buy them, have them delivered and see how much I can save.  Who knows, it might be the start of a trend.